Monday, December 12, 2011

The more I read on GNOME 3 I get more mad

The idea I need to learn X Programming Language (e.g. JavaScript) in order to customize my desktop is IMHO simply IDIOTIC! Although I love learning programming languages, and I am a programmer, I DON'T WANT to program my desktop. My desktop is not a problem I need to solve. It should just work.

Have you ever seen a customized Gnome Shell? You can do quite a lot, and practically anything if you know javascript.

The quote is from the Debian forums.

If I wanted to program my Desktop, I'd probably learn Lua and use something crazy like AWESOME WM (But in the mean while I'm fine with DWM and GNOME 2.30).


shlomil said...

I've seen some of Shell's extensions and so far it seem that these extensions can do almost anything you want.
As published last week, a new site for Gnome Shell extensions was opened and it already contains some very useful extensions. So, IMO, give it some time.

I think this has great potential of becoming "The "Firefox of Desktops". And don't forget - when Firefox was just released, it also has only a few extensions.

linuxpixie said...

I don't think firefox became popular because of it's extension. I liked it because it was simply better than Explorer when I switched to it (the killer feature was Tabs). Then when I switched to Linux there was no Explorer.

Be honest, how many NON technical user install plug-ins ??? I have seldom seen people in my work (I support Engineers on CAE Linux work stations) install plugins.

I don't think >>I<< want to write one to get my Desktop running.

The Idea might be great like the ideas behind KDE4. But the implementation was LOUSY and shows the GNOME dev's didn't learn anything.

linuxpixie said...

BTW, Shlomi,
I consider my self a power user.
Never the less the only plugin I still use and always install in Firefox, is FireFTP. That is simply because it's the most convenient FTP solution I found in Linux which does not require me to use the FTP command line. This is actually a who application IMHO and not a plugin.
I do use Pentadactyl to change FF UI, and
that is also something I find an Application by itself. But if I have to install "Pentadactyl" for GNOME 3, why note just go for the real thing and install DWM, RatPoison or any other Tiling WM ?